First Testimonials for 2012

Product Testimony from Stephanie:

About 5 months ago, my father fell very ill. He started vomiting after every meal, he had very high fever every two days and he would complain that his stomach was in deep pain. We went to see a doctor and he ruled it as food poisoning. This went on for 2 months. His situation became worse, he started displaying symptoms very consistent with those of pancreatic cancer. The white of his eyes became very yellow, his skin started itching and it turned pale, his stool was a very pale brown and his urine was a reddish-brown. We underwent a series of blood tests, CT scans and X-rays. The doctor diagnosed it as cancer as he had a growth in the bile duct. He told us that my dad had only 6 months to live. He said the cancer cells were aggressive and it will spread in a short time. During this period, he already started taking 9 capsules of Transfer Factor Plus daily. We started giving him 2 caps of Rio Vida daily. Yesterday, he went for an endoscopy. The doctor said that it didn’t spread at all and he is getting better. In 5 months, the cancer has not spread AND he is getting better. He hasn’t been vomiting, having fever and he is completely healthy again. He is 59 years old this year and he still is very active.

Product Testimony by Saw Hoon:

This patient was bedridden for 10 years due to stroke.Because of medication, her renal test shows high creatinine level (over 400)and needs continuous dialysis.

She refused the procedure as it is too tedious & will incur increased suffering for her. After much family discussion, the son agreed to buy 1 dozen TF for her.

She took 15TF per day. On the 1st day, the urine come out all red!!! 2nd day, she released a lot of flatulence & had diarrhea. But after the 10th bottle, her urine returned to clear and her face is so alert, pinkish, feels energetic & healthy! TF is fantastic!!!

Business Testimony by Donald:

Last week my Dr friend referred his patient to me & was advised not to do any biopsy.She has inflammation of the lymph nodes.

She immediately sign up a Leader pack + Belle Vie and started to consume. She is feeling much better now.

Business Testimony by Angela:

My downline signed up a Saudi Arabian customer with a Diamond pack + Tea4life + Toothpaste to bring back to his country.

While I helping this downline, my husband , Budi also signed up a Preferred Customer at the same time with an order of 4 Chewables.

Product Testimonies for end of 2011

Product Testimony by Tham:

My daughter,8 years old, was down with fever on Sunday 11th Dec. When after 2 visits to the clinic and her fever still did not subside completely, I brought her to the hospital on Thursday morning (15th Dec).

They took a blood test and immediately confirmed she had a viral infection that reduced her white blood cells to 1.6 (well below the normal 4 to 11) and platelets count to 128 (normal should be 150 to 400).

She was hospitalized that Thursday morning itself and by Saturday morning was tested positive with dengue fever. Her white blood cell count was still 1.6 and platelets count went down to 77 by Saturday (Friday was down to 82). I have been giving her 1 cup Riovida, 1 capsule TFAF and 2 capsules TF Plus every two hours since Thursday.

She had a remarkably fast recovery and by Monday morning her platelets count has increased to 121 and she was discharged. Now she is fine and at home with me. We did a follow up blood test for her on Friday 23rd Dec and her platelets count has gone up to a high of 342. Thank God for the prayers offered on her behalf and for TF for such a remarkable recovery.

Product Testimony by Karthik:
My business partner’s customer, a woman aged of 42 could not have a child for the past 11 years. She’s having slip disc problem, heart complication, numbness almost all over her body and she is diabetic.
Her doctor told her that it is very difficult for her to get pregnant.
After consuming TF products she went through a massive healing process but she continue to trust TF. It’s her 3rd week now on TF. And today she SMSed my business
partner and confirmed she is pregnant.

Before she was bed-ridden most of the time but now she is able to walk freely without any problem.

Product Testimony by Grace:
From her customer: “I must tell you this after you and Mr Chan pumped me with high doses of TF and TF+. Then Riovida and then Tea4Life.

Later in the afternoon you keep reminding me to continue taking again the high doses of TF and TF+. I complied. later in the evening you reminded me again to take the tea. I complied also before retiring for the day at around 10.00pm.

In the morning before your doses of TF, I having a very bad headache, cough, phlegm & felt groggy.

When you took out a chunk of TF and TF+ from the bottles and asked me to take immediately, I thought it was crazy why you are giving me such a high dose but with your confidence and kind words of assurance “don’t worry” I complied and swallowed the whole lot of capsules you gave me followed by a dose of Riovida.

In the afternoon I felt a little relieve on the head, not so groggy.

Wah lah, this morning when I woke up I felt like I was 35 yrs old . All the ailments were gone. No more headache, grogginess or cough.. I feel very light and happy.

I voluntarily took another dose of TF and TF+ again. Now with confidence that it will help my situation.

Then took another set of high dosage TF and TF+ with a glass of water and go to my wife and asked her to swallow it (she was having bad whooping cought and lost here voice for a week now). Same reaction “crazy ah why so much” she asked.

With confidence I told here I am feeling very very good this morning because of the high dose I took yesterday. She complied and downed the whole . Will let her take another high dose in the afternoon.

Thank you very much Grace and Mr Chan for introducing and pushing me to take Transfer Factor. I really feel good now. Its like I am in 35years old body hahaha!”